What is Jesus’ true name?

If we call someone our Messiah. Our Saviour. Shouldn’t we try to emulate Him? Shouldn’t we walk like He walked? Talk like He talked? And shouldn’t we know who He is and what His Name is?

Some say that it doesn’t matter whether His name is Jesus or Yeshua, as long as we know Him and acknowledge Him. True enough. My question is, what should we do if we get to know that we have been calling our Messiah by a different name?

Consider this. I have a friend who’s name is Rohan. Mistakenly, I keep calling him Ronny. He will acknowledge me when I talk to him. But when I get to know his name is not Ronny, and that I have been mistaken, shouldn’t I try to now start calling him by his real name? Nothing would change the fact that his name is Rohan, would it?

Let’s look at the facts
Jesus was a jew (Heb 7:14) – “Jew” means from the tribe of Judah
Born to a jewish family – Mary(Real name Miriam) & Joseph(Real name Yoseph) –  (Mat 1:1-16)(Luk 3:23-38)
Jesus spoke in Hebrew – even to Paul who knew both Greek and Latin (Acts 26:14)
The Fact is, that the Disciples and Yeshua spoke in Hebrew, not in English or Greek. He was called Yeshua when He was on earth, by everyone including his disciples.

Let’s try to understand how Yeshua became Jesus
Jesus is a rendition of a Hebrew/Aramaic name transliterated to greek, then latin, then english. The translators had the hard task of writing down names in another language, while keeping the sound as close to the original as possible. The Name Jesus comes from “Yehoshua” pronounced Yeshua in Hebrew which means “Yehowah‘s Salvation” (Strong’s Hebrew/Greek Dictionary – H3091/G2424).

Yeshua was transliterated to “Iesous” in Greek. (An important thing to remember is that the Greek language at that time did not have a letter for the “Ya” and “Sha” sounds). (Similarly, The Sinhala language also did not have a “Fa” sound or a letter to write it in early days. It still does not have a “Za” sound).

When it came to translating from Hebrew to Greek, “Ye” was made “Ie”. “Sh” was made “S”. “Ua” was made “Ous”(Historians believe that a name finishing in the sound “Ua” would have made the name feminine). Iesous later became Iesus. Iesus later became Yesus. Yesus later became Jesus.

Let’s read the first place we see the name JESUS
“And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.” In Mat 1:21 an Angel appears to Joseph (a Hebrew/Jewish carpenter) in a dream, and speaks to him. Does the angel speak to him in Greek, English or Hebrew? Obviously Hebrew. Then what would the Angel be saying he should call the Child? Jesus or Yeshua? Because The word “Yeshua” means Yah’s Salvation or God’s Salvation, which when we return to Mat 1:21makes perfect sense – as the Angel says “for he shall SAVE his people from their sins”.

Joshua & Jesus both are Yeshua
Moses’ aid Joshua had the same name as Jesus, which is Yeshua(1Chr 7:27/Joshua 1:1). What this means is, that Joshua and Jesus was translated out of the same name. Evidence for this remains in the King James Version of the Bible in Acts 7:45 and Heb 4:8. (Both of these verses have Jesus where actually it’s talking about Joshua). In newer versions like the NKJV or NIV, the name Jesus in those 2 verses have been changed back to Joshua.

Name above all names
Philip 2:9,10 talks about God giving a name above all names. Is this “Jesus”(which is the product of translations) or “Yeshua”, the true name that was given to the child by Mary and Joseph.

The question is – what is your heart, your conscience, your spirit, telling you. If you are happy calling Him Jesus. So be it. But it does not change the fact that His real name is Yeshua.

I would like to end with a snippet from the story of Joseph. Joseph is known to have many similarities to the Messiah. When Joseph was selected by Pharaoh, he was renamed “Zaphnathpaaneah” according to Gen 41:45. When Joseph’s brothers were brought to him, his brothers did not know him(Gen 42:8). But he revealed himself to his brothers(Gen 45:3). So it is up to us to make the choice whether we go on calling him by the name that has been given to him and which everyone uses. Or whether we call him by his true name that which is revealed to us.

109 thoughts on “What is Jesus’ true name?

  1. ahmed

    Was his name “Yahushuwa`”?
    – YAHUSHUWA` – This is theorized
    to be a combination of “Yahweh”
    and “Yasha`” meaning “Jehovah is
    Salvation”. This was the name of
    Moses’ companion Joshua Ben-Nun
    who is referred to as “Yasa`” in the
    The problem with this theory is
    that there were several people in
    the Tanach named “Yahushuwa`”:
    1.Yahushuwa` (Joshua) the son of
    Nun, companion of Moses, subject
    of the Old Testament Book of
    2. Yahushuwa` (Joshua) the
    Bethshemite (1 Samuel 6:18)
    3. Yahushuwa`, (Joshua) governor
    of Jerusalem under King Hosiah (2
    Kings 23:8)
    4. Yahushuwa`, (Joshua) son of
    Josedech (Haggai 1:1) and so
    However, there exists not a single
    shred of historical evidence that
    the historical “Jesus” was ever
    called “Yahushuwa`” in his
    lifetime. All the aforementioned
    had this name, yet their names
    were not transliterated into “Jesus”
    or “Ieosus”. They were
    transliterated as “Joshua”. Thus, we
    must conclude that “Jesus” was a
    name very dissimilar to
    “Yahushuwa`” (Joshua) since it was
    transliterated by the early Biblical
    writers into the incongruent
    “Ieosus” and then later “Jesus”.
    However, the closest thing to a
    reference of any executed figure
    in Jesus’ time period is the
    Talmudic entry:
    “On the eve of the Passover,
    Yeshua` was hanged…” [Babylonia
    Sanhedrin 43A]
    One will find this quoted
    repeatedly in Christian polemics
    trying to prove the historicity of
    Jesus. However, this is erroneous
    due to the following reasons: First
    this mentions someone named
    “Yeshua`” and not “Yahushuwa`”
    who was hung on the eve of
    Passover. Second, there is nothing
    to say or support that this was the
    Biblical “Jesus”. As will be further
    illustrated in the next section, both
    the names “Yeshua`” and
    “Yahushuwa`” were very common
    amongst the Israelites prior to
    Jesus’ lifetime. This brings us to
    our next supposition regarding his
    Was his name “Yeshua`”?
    – Yeshua` – This name is rooted in
    the word “yasha`” meaning
    “safety” in Hebrew. Christians
    attempt to proselytize their
    theories of a “man-god” Jesus by
    saying this name of his meant
    “Salvation”. The Problem with that
    theory is the fact that this name
    means ” He is saved”.
    If he is God then who saved him?
    If this name is a sign of divinity
    then what of the others with the
    name Yeshua`? Were they the
    “only begotten son of God” as well?
    Obviously not, as no Jews ever held
    this erroneous idea.
    “Now these are the children of the
    province that went up out of the
    captivity…Which came with
    Zerubbabel: Jeshua,
    Nehemiah…” [Ezra 2:2]
    “The ninth to Jeshua, the tenth to
    Shecaniah,” [I Chronicles 24:11]
    “And next him were Eden, and
    Miniamin, and Jeshua, and
    Shemaiah, Amariah, and
    Shecaniah…” [II Chronicles 31:15]
    “And next to him repaired Ezer the
    son of Jeshua, the ruler of
    Mizpah..” [Nehemiah 3:19]
    Each and every one of these people
    have the name “Yeshua`” spelled
    exactly how the Christians allege
    Jesus’ supposed original name is
    spelled. However as we can see,
    this name was transliterated into
    “Jeshua” by the early Biblical
    writers and not “Jesus” or “Ieosus”.
    Why then is Jesus the only one
    named “Jesus” in the entirety of the
    Bible and, moreover, in the
    entirety of any recorded history of
    his time? It is because his name
    was unique and neither “Yeshua`”
    or “Yehushuwa`” were his name.
    As we can see “Yehushuwa`” and
    “Yeshua`” were not special or
    unique names, yet they were very
    common. However, “Jesus”
    remains a name very unique to
    this Messianic character shrouded
    in controversy. There is no
    historical record of Jesus being
    called by either of these names in
    his lifetime. Even if “Yeshua`”
    were the name of Jesus it would
    completely obliterate the Christian
    position that he was the “Savior” of
    mankind, since this name does not
    mean “Savior” but means “He is
    saved”. This would further support
    the Muslim belief that Jesus was
    saved from the ignominy of
    crucifixion and ascended up to
    heaven alive.
    Gesenius’ Hebrew-Chaldee
    Lexicon to the Old Testament, H. W.
    F. Gesenius, p 373]
    As can be seen here plainly, the
    name “Yeshua`” means “Saved”.
    Christian religionists attempt to say
    this name means “Savior”. This is
    scholastic guile and a statement
    made in complete absence of even a
    basic understanding of the Biblical
    languages. If Jesus’ name was
    indeed, “Yeshua`” it would only
    support the historically sound theory
    that Jesus’ was not resurrected but
    survived the crucifixion. Thus, he
    would be true to this name.
    However, as we have seen the
    likelihood that this was his name is
    extremely thin.

    1. rameshdesilva Post author

      Shalom Ahmed,

      I would first of all, like to thank you for reading this post and commenting with your views. Please see my answers below, to the questions/comments posed by you.

      1. Joshua is indeed a transliteration of Yehoshua which was his true Hebrew name. Moses(Moshe) would have called Joshua “Yehoshua” and not the english anglicanized transliteration “Joshua”.

      2. It is true that there were others in the Old Testament Scriptures named “Yehoshua”.

      3. The point, on there being no evidence to say that jesus was ever called Yehoshua is incorrect. If you have read the Septuagint (Greek version of Old Testament Scriptures translated in 3 century BCE), you would know that the greek name used for Joshua is “Iesous” which is the same name used for Jesus in the Greek New Testament.

      4. Furthermore, Neh 8:17 carries the name of Joshua (Yehoshua) as Jeshua (Yeshua) which is a contracted version of the original name

      5. Just because someone is called Yeshua or Yehoshua does not mean they are the “sons of God” (But all of us are sons of God, if we accept Him as our Father). The importance in the meaning of the name is in this fact. The english name Jesus does not mean anything. But Yeshua/Yahoshua means “Yehovah will save” – this is why the angel reveals to mary “thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.” (The angel would have said “Yeshua/Yehoshua” here, and not Jesus as it has been transliterated to Greek, Latin and then English)

      6. One must also remember that the original King James Version of the bible printed in 1611, carried “Jesus” in place of “Joshua” in the new testament passages of Acts 7:45 & Heb 4:8. these have been changed back in all other versions

      7. Therefore, taking the septuagint which is before the time of Jesus/Yeshua, which carries “Iesous” as the name for Joshua, we can safely say that Jesus’ name was the same as Joshua. Both of them were called “Yeshua/Yehoshua”. They had the same name. The differentiation was done by speaking of them as “Yehoshua the son of nun” and “Yehoshua of Nazareth”.

      May Our Father’s Spirit guide you to all truth and may you be a blessing to all around you.

    2. Jonathan Case

      This is not really a big deal to me, the pronunciation of Yeshua’s name. But I do have thoughts on it, so here goes.

      Yes, Gabriel gives his name as JESUS in the KJV (G2424 same as H3091) However, you will notice that H3091 has two spellings. Yod Hey Vav Shin Ayin and Yod Hey Vav Shin Vav Ayin.

      While there are many individuals with the first spelling, while only once does the second spelling occur, and that is in Judges 2:7 where Joshua son of Nun is referred to posthumously twice in one verse, the first occurrence is spelled “normally” and the second is spelled with the extra Vav.

      Could it be, that this was done to show that what Gabriel really spoke was H3091 with the extra Vav?

      There are actually many instances where an extra Vav is included in certain words without changing the pronunciation. One famous example is in Lev 19:2 “Speak unto all the congregation of the children of Israel, and say unto them, Ye shall be holy: for I the LORD your God am holy.” The first instance of “holy” is spelled without a Vav (H6918) while the second instance is spelled with the Vav(also H6918).

      There are many instances of an extra Vav in words that are associated with the divine such as this. The first instance in Lev 19:2, for example, is called by the Rabbis “lacking” or “chesed” and the second is “full” or “malay”. The study of finding instances of words with the malay is immense and includes “glory” where mortal glory is often spelled without a Vav and divine glory is spelled with the Vav. Since I haven’t completed the study on this, I can’t get fanatic about it, but I have enough study to see it as a trend.

      I pronounce His name, Yahshua, essentially the same as Joshua, but with the Yod pronounced with a Y sound. Any person, however, that considers Yahshua his savior is my brother or sister no matter how they pronounce His name.

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  20. M.A

    If the name of the Son of Yahweh is above all names… why we should translate it? He already had a long and shortend name Yehoshua/Yashua right? So it is not an excuse for us to rename His name because of the traditions? If Greek did not use the exact name of Yeshua, why can’t we? We can freely speak and write his real name right? We must be baptized in his real name and not on a.k.a names or titles. Even the Greek apostles I think they call him in Yeshua real name. Our name is not great and worthy to be praised or worship, so it is normal for to have an a.k.a Roberto into Robert and Ronny into Ron. We accept that but except to our IDs. But for the HOLY NAME OF YESHUA. It must not be change into Jesus because we are American etc… We are living for Him now and not for our own. Even the words and the meanings of the translated Bible didn’t change, it is important to put the real name of the Holy Son of Yahweh Elohim. We are comfortable for what we like, like calling people in other names but please, don’t dare the Holy Name of Yeshua. Past, Present and Future, his name will never change. We must preach in His name not in a fabricated name. Don’t let people ignore the third law! Many people ignores the true name of Yeshua… We know now the truth! Maybe we are not comfortable now; But think of this, if we accepted the a.k.a name and we become comfortable of calling it, and so in His true name we will be comfortable more …..

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