The Biblical Timeline – From Creation to the time of Exile

Very few people understand that the “Bible” which we read, is a Historical Document as much as the Inspired Word of God. The Old Testament Scriptures give us an accurate timeline of everything that took place in the past, right from Creation upto the 4th Century BC.


If you are like me, and you had tried to read the Old Testament (or at least part of it), you would have noticed lengthy chapters on Genealogies and how old this person was, and how many children he had, and so on and so forth. All of this information was not included in the Bible for no reason. Other than the period of Judges written in the “Book of Judges”, the rest of the Scriptures provide us with such a wealth of information regarding history, that we can accurately piece together the Timeline of everything that has happened from Creation itself.

(There are many timelines of the Bible on the internet, but I could not find one with Scriptural Proof to go alongside it. So for quite some time I have been piecing together a timeline myself. This Timeline, while being Scripturally accurate could still have a few flaws. Please let me know if you find anything out of place, so I can correct it accordingly)

Why be bothered with a Biblical Timeline?
There are many reasons we should at least have a basic understanding of the Timeline recorded in the Bible. I will highlight a few key reasons that you should be well versed with this Timeline.

1. It will help you to create a clearer picture of Biblical events
For example, in my mind, the event of the Flood seemed to have happened relatively soon after Creation, while the Timeline makes it clear, that it happened 1600 years after Creation.

2. It will help you to understand the Chronology of the Scriptures
Most people think that the books in the Bible are in order. While this is true to an extent, the books of the prophets are dispersed alongside the time of the Kings of Judah & Israel. Knowing which prophet comes at which period helps us to understand the context of these books.

3. It will help you see details you would have not seen otherwise
For example, did you know that Shem, the son of Noah died after Abraham?

4. It will help you to understand that God works according to a plan
The Creation account itself gives us a prophetic overview of everything which would happen on earth. Some could dismiss this idea. But you be the judge of the similarities given below.
1st Day – Light and Darkness (in the 1st 1000 years, Adam sins, bringing darkness into the earth)
2nd Day – Separation of Waters (in the 2nd 1000 years, the Flood happened separating Noah from all other people on earth)
3rd Day – Earth brought forth trees through seed (in the 3rd 1000 years, Abraham is promised to be father of Nations through his Seed, bringing forth the nation of Israel)
4th Day – Lights in the firmament (in the 4th 1000 years, Messiah brings light to our world)
5th Day – Multiplying of creatures (in the 5th 1000 years, Populations soar, Many nations and Religions come into existence)
6th Day – God creates Man in His image (in the 6th 1000 years, the time period we live in, it seems that God is creating a people for Himself)
7th Day – God ended His work (in the 7th 1000 years, yet to come, Messiah will rule and reign on earth as it is written in the Scriptures)

5. It will help you to see that the end days are actually near
When you look at the Biblical Timeline, it is evident that Yeshua (Jesus’ real name) appeared on earth almost 4000 years after Creation. Almost 2000 years have passed after He finished His earthly ministry. We are living in the age where the end of the 6000th year is at hand. The 1000 years or Millennial reign of Messiah is almost upon us.

As I mentioned before, please help me improve this Timeline in anyway possible. Let me know your suggestions and your comments. I sincerely hope that this Timeline will help you in your studies, so that you would be able to have an even closer walk with God Almighty, who created all things, giving us His Word, to be a guide in our lifetime.

10 thoughts on “The Biblical Timeline – From Creation to the time of Exile

  1. Pastor Deborah

    I’m a little behind in responding to good posts, but I have to say thank you for another fine study. I studied the Genesis chronology using the teachings of the late Dr. Henry Morris, as well as having the standard Usher chronology as a visual reference. I understand Usher’s chronology may have a few flaws but The Timechart of Biblical History makes a great spread across the living room floor to meditate on the whole Story! I think the new insights for me are the details in your parallels in point #4.

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  3. Justine Pouliot

    Thank you so much for your timeline. My christian friend at school, who believes in creation thinks that the earth is millions of years old. This biblical chart will really help my argument.

    1. rameshdesilva Post author

      Dear Justin,
      I am glad that it would provide useful. Just wanted to say that while I believe the current timeline of the earth from Adam to the present day is about 6000 years, I do not object to science as well. There is a valid way that both the bible and science could be true. Please do some research on the “Gap Theory” in Genesis for more information. To give a very brief explanation, the Gap Theory is that “God did in fact create the Heavens and the Earth at the very beginning of time” as written in Gen 1:1. But there is a unspoken span of time (maybe millions of years) between verse 1 & 2. In verse 2, the earth is void and immersed in water. We must take note that God creates light in the first day, and separates it from darkness. He did not create the heavens and the earth on the first day. So I believe that while the creation account to our day is roughly 6000 years, but that science could also have some validity. My advice to you is that please don’t argue with your friend about it – rather try to learn together – after all science is the study of everything the God Almighty – Creator of Heaven and Earth has made with His own hands.

      Be a blessing to everyone around you!

  4. Rodney

    The 6th day analogy seems pretty weak to me. Maybe in the 6000 years the devil creates the anti-Christ in his image?

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  7. Samuel

    That great, at least I have learned something even know.
    But the structure below if possible you can send it as PDF so that I can have it as copy


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