Why Christians need to plead forgiveness from our Jewish brethren

From even before the time of the early (so called) Church Father, John Chrysostom who coined the term “Christ-Killer” in 386 AD, referring to the Jews – the time of Passover and Good Friday have been occasion to both verbal and physical attack against the Jewish people by so called Christians. These thoughts and ideas seem to bubble up in some form or manner in Christian congregations even today. It is important therefore to do an internal observation into Christianity, to rectify ourselves rather than point fingers at others.

Imagine a world where Christ preceded Moses, and the Christian preceded the Jew. Now Imagine Jews saying that Moses brought Christ’s teachings to an end, and that we must all follow Moses instead. In this imaginary reality, Christians who did not agree with the Jews were marginalized, falsely accused for various ills, humiliated, abused, tortured, persecuted, their books burned, property confiscated, burdened with extra taxes, forced to wear badges of shame, places of worship burnt, belief outlawed, enslaved, converted forcefully, arrested, imprisoned, expelled, attacked by mobs, burnt at the stake, hung, massacred and even exterminated by Jews, in the name of Moses. Would you as a Christian, want to be associated, much less believe in such a person – in whose name, such grievous acts were done?

Known as the Blood Libel - The accusation of ritual murder by the Jews began in medieval England when a Christian boy disappeared. The local population, already predisposed to blaming Jews for all the ills of the world, was quick to blame the Jews of kidnapping the boy to extract his blood to make Passover bread. An insane accusation as Jewish Law strictly prohibits the consumption of blood

Image of a medieval etching, depicting Jews committing a purported ritual murder, known as the Blood Libel – US Holocaust Memorial Museum

The sad reality is that Christians have done all of the above and much worse to our Jewish brothers and sisters for close to 2000 years, and all in the name of Christ. Most Christians would refuse to believe such, but the annals of history record the persecution Jews have undergone in the hands of Christianity. From before the time of the crusades, the Jews have been looked at as “Christ-Killers” with contempt and disgust. They have been subject to all sorts of physical and psychological trauma because of their beliefs and simply because they are “Jews”. They have been accused of everything from ritual murder of Christian children to the poisoning of water. Antisemitism has been part and parcel of mainline Christianity from the early 1st century Church of Rome to Catholicism right down to Protestantism. When you read Paul’s words of concern and caution to the congregation in Rome, saying “boast not” and “be not highminded” in Romans Chapter 11, you see these roots of antisemitism which snowballed into a tragedy such as the Holocaust.

In my opinion, an even more grievous act has been done to our Jewish brethren by Christians. And that is the stealing of the Jewish Messiah-Yeshua(the real Hebrew name of Jesus) and disfiguring Him and His teachings, so that no Jew would even want to know about Him. Christians are quick to forget that Yeshua, His disciples, Paul, James and thousands of believers in the 1st Century were all Jews. Christians are quick to forget that Paul spoke many a time in his letters about the coming together of Jew and Gentile as one people in Christ. Christianity has made Christ to be the inventor of a new Religion. An abolisher of God’s Law given through Moses. Christians have made themselves the chosen people, while the Jews have been discarded in their minds and sidelined by their actions.

On top of all this, some Christians have the audacity to say that “Jews reject Jesus”. If I was a Jew, and my people were marginalized, falsely accused for various ills, humiliated, abused, tortured, persecuted, our books burned, property confiscated, burdened with extra taxes, forced to wear badges of shame, places of worship burnt, belief outlawed, enslaved, converted forcefully, arrested, imprisoned, expelled, attacked by mobs, burnt at the stake, hung, massacred and even exterminated – in some form by those who profess to be Christians – I would not want any part in such a “Messiah” either. It is time for Christians to wake up and own up, that we have hurt our brothers and sisters for whom Christ died – deeply, and to the extent to which they cannot bare. No matter whether we were not there at the time of such persecution, no matter whether it was not our denomination which did such grievous acts, no matter whether the propagators of such massacres were not real Christians – these acts have been done under the banner of Christianity, by people who profess to be Christians. And it is no wonder that a Jew would teach their child to have nothing to do with Jesus. Christianity has pushed our Jewish brothers and sisters to this place.

Now am I saying this is the only reason the Jews reject Yeshua as Messiah? No. There are several reasons such as the debate on fulfillment of prophecy. But the persecution they have endured at the hand of Christianity is one of the biggest reasons for their current standing of who Yeshua is. It is a scar that is permanently ingrained in their minds. They have endured not only physical persecution but theological, where Christianity believes that it has replaced the Jews as the chosen people. Antisemitic sentiment is rampant in Christian minds, where most regard themselves superior to Jews, when in fact we should embrace them as our brothers and sisters who are the chosen people to whom we are grafted in.

So what can we do, as Christians? We should own up to this faults first. We should not only apologize, but plead for forgiveness from them. And not only them, but from God – for carrying out such heinous acts in the name of Christ, against His chosen people. The people He handed His Word to. The people He made His Covenants with. Not only has Christianity walked away from its roots, it has chopped off its own roots and become a separate tree. Christians need to get in touch with its roots once again. We need to recognize that there was no new religion in the 1st century, but a difference of understanding of Yeshua as Messiah.

So here is my open apology and prayer to my dear Jewish brothers and sisters around the world. “May you have the heart to forgive us for what we have done to you throughout the past centuries. May God – the Creator of Heaven and Earth, to whom both of us pray to – give you the ability and strength to put this scarred past behind you and look at us as your brothers and sisters. We love you. and we pray for your safety and goodwill. May you be blessed abundantly by our Father in Heaven! Amen”

To my Christian brothers and sisters around the world, my prayer is that you study the word more thoroughly, and find in your heart to root out any antisemitic notions in your minds, so that we can truly become one people with our Jewish brethren. Be humble enough to admit the wrongs of our Christian forefathers which we have inherited, and plead for forgiveness for the hurt that which we have caused. May we be able to have a healthy interfaith dialogue with each other through love and patience. And may we have the strength to rise up to the aid of our Jewish brethren whenever they need us.

As Ruth, a Moabite woman by birth, but the Great Grand Mother of King David – the Jewish heir to the throne, said “thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God:” – even though our beliefs differ about Messiah, we do believe in the same Creator God. May we also have the ability to accept each other as one people – sons and daughters of God our Father. May you be a blessing to everyone around you.

22 thoughts on “Why Christians need to plead forgiveness from our Jewish brethren

  1. FranR

    This is so very malformed! Christians “stole” the Jewish messiah? The roots of Nazism are in St Paul`s teaching? Antisemitism is “rampant” in Christianity? NONE of this is in any way Christian nor Biblical…. seems like the product of an uncatechized modernist mindset!

    1. rameshdesilva Post author

      Dear FranR,
      I think there are a few misunderstandings of what is written in the post, that I would like to straighten out.
      1.Christianity hasn’t stolen the Jewish Messiah in a physical sense. It is just that through the interpretation of His teachings and how He is perceived, Christ has been made into a Greek speaking Law breaker whom the Jewish people cannot accept as a Messiah. This and through the painful actions done in His name, He has been taken away from being a Jewish Man who walked in Judea to a maker of a western religion.
      2. The Roots of Nazism is not in Paul’s teachings – God forbid! Paul was a Law adhering Apostle who made clear to the Roman church who were having Antisemitic feelings, that they were wrong. Paul was a proud Jew who never went against his own people.
      3. As far as I can see, almost 90% of Christians I meet, do not want anything to do with the Jews and have an in built knee-jerk reaction that a Jew is bad (maybe because of the skewed view they have of Pharisees, even though there were many pharisees who believed in Christ). Most Christians forget that Yeshua, the apostles, Paul, James and the early church were completely Jewish.
      4. I agree with you that these grievous acts which have been done are neither Christian nor Biblical – the issue is, that they have been perpetrated under the banner of Christianity by professing Christians.
      May you be a blessing to everyone around you!

      1. David Majetich

        Terrible atrocities have been done in the name of Christ, but as you say the individuals who committed these acts were not truly Christian since the name itself implies someone who is “Christ like.” I have known non-Christians who argue that “we” are ALL hypocrites because our self proclaimed “brothers and sisters” throughout history are responsible for the Crusades and Inquisitions. Certainly there are prejudices on both sides of this issue, but a person can not blame all Christians for their ignorance any more than blame all whites for slavery or Apartheid. Bigotry can only be overcome by education and communication.

  2. Jeanne Irvin

    Hello, I am a Christian. I do not apologize to anyone for anything someone has done in the name of Christianity anymore than I apologize for what White people did to Black people. I realize there are lots of things done in Christ’s name but that sure doesn’t make them a follower of Christ. I am not responsible for what others do in Jesus name. I am responsible for my own actions. When I stand before the judgement seat of my Lord and Savior I want to hear that he is pleased with me. I’ve noticed Jews have lots of bitterness. Towards Christians. Towards Arabians or whatever the Islamics are called. I dispise a law that allows a 7 year old boy to be executed because he swears. But should I condemn all those who follow this law? No. Just the ones who have that child’s blood on their hands. We must not allow bitterness to get rooted in our soul. It clouds our judgement . It weakens out wisdom & out walk with our Savior. We must leave judgement of wrong doers to the Eternal Judge himself. I am sorry for the wrongs your people have suffered but you need to put aside every weight the causes you to be less than what you were called to be. May the Lord bless you with all his blessings that he has in heavenly places.

    1. rameshdesilva Post author

      Dear Jeanne,
      I am also a Christian and am not of Jewish descent as far as I know. So I do not demand for forgiveness from others but hope Christians will see the reasons for the bitterness in the hearts of some Jews, without putting them aside because of their weaknesses. Sin is Sin whether it is done by Jew or Gentile… but we will all face God as His Children – in this we agree… but we must accept that the History of Christianity which we have our roots in, has been the propagator of much which has hurt our Jewish Brothers.
      Be a blessing to everyone around you!

    2. tbuddrow

      I totally agree Jeanne, we are responsible for our own actions & behavior not accountable for others actions & behavior. We as individuals do not have to apologize for others. We as individuals only have to ask forgiveness for the wrongs WE DO not our ancestors nor other people!

      1. rameshdesilva Post author

        Dear Terry,
        This is not about asking forgiveness from God… rather our Jewish Brothers. If Christ could ask for forgiveness from God for the sins of others, shouldn’t we pursue mending relationships and act as mediators, under His example? Again, this is not about asking for forgiveness from God for the sins of others… but asking for forgiveness from our Jewish Brother to whom our Christian forefathers have done terrible things. to repair relationships and to remove bitterness and pain which exists because of acts perpetrated by Christians in History. I do not wish this thought to lead to arguments. If you disagree, that is alright with me. I wish to think we should be humble like Christ and be able to admit Christianity has done those un-Christ like acts.
        Be a blessing to everyone around you!

      2. Terry Buddrow

        Based on your comment I agree with you, was not understanding your point until you responded. Absolutely Christianity has done great tragedies in the name of Christ and still do. We get after the Muslims or radical Islams for doing cruel things in the name of Allah when we Christians are just as bigoted, intolerant and did / do cruel things in the name of Christ (I’m thinking of that church in Flordia who protests gay funeral and such). Religion is a great excuse for bashing people. It’s not about religion but a relationship.

  3. Regina Irvin

    Dear Bitter Misled Person:
    If a 23 year old white woman kills a roomful of people in a drunken rage does that mean ALL 23 year old white woman are murderers? Not by a long shot! Nor does the actions of those calling themselves Christians while committing murderers reflect on true Christians. I am sorry there are and always will be those who want to exterminate your race. They want to get rid of those believing in Yeshua(Jesus Christ or whatever you want to call him). You forget that Satan has a plan. That plan is to get rid of all who believe in the son of God. Christians are being persecuted and dying on a regular basis around the world.
    All who call upon the name of the Lord will be persecuted When the Anti Christ comes to power. unless God spares them. I am sorry your race has gone through so much, but you need to put aside your bitterness so you can be all God has called you to be. Bitterness is the root of all hatred. Satan is bitter that he can’t be The Most High God so,he is taking down all that he can. We need to be aware of what our soul situation is in these last days . Bitterness defiled us. I pray that God will open doors in your spirit to let his light burn out the bitterness. May he prepare a table for you in the presence of your enemy; satan.

    1. rameshdesilva Post author

      Dear Regina,
      First of all let me say I am not of Jewish descent as far as I know. 🙂
      I am looking at this situation from Christianity… you are right about how if a 23 year old white woman kills a roomful of people, that all 23 year old white women cannot be taken as murderers. But if the majority of the 23 year old white women persecute a certain people for close to 2000 years because of their belief and race… then you could say that something is wrong with the attitude of 23 year old white women. I hope you get my drift. I do not wish to argue over forgiveness… but let me say that I have no reason to harbor any bitterness as these acts were not done to me or my nationality… but I believe it was done to the Messiah’s own people. The people who He descended from. The very root to which we are grafted to, as per Paul – Our Brothers. So I believe Christians have much to ask for forgiveness from and to mend broken relationships with the people of our Messiah – Yeshua (as He was known in Hebrew when He walked the Earth). It is OK if you do not feel the same… May you be a blessing to everyone around you!

      1. Regina Irvin

        You are grouping All Christians together as if all of us , myself included ,had anything to do with the atrocities done in his name. All Germans did not agree with Hitler’s murders. All Muslims do not agree with the terrorists. The “Christians” who did the atrocities may be,long gone and your dwelling in the past will definitely hinder your future.

      2. rameshdesilva Post author

        Dear Regina,
        You are quite right. You and me both, like the Christians of our day, did not do these atrocities. And I do understand that not all Christians even in the times when these acts were committed agreed or engaged in such activities. Neither did all Germans agree with Hitler – some even saved Jews however they can. But this does not change what was done under the banner of Christianity. All those people are dead and gone… but the hurt they caused endures – so much so, that most Jews want nothing to do with Christianity or Yeshua. Can you blame them for being hurt? especially when no one has apologised? No Jews hold the current Christians accountable for these atrocities, and the dead certainly cannot apologise for their acts, so it maybe upto us. I do not want to dwell in the past… rather look to the future with a clean slate. I believe volunteering to plead for forgiveness for sins done by others, is a trait we can learn from Christ himself – He had to die for our sins… all we have to say here, is “sorry”. If you see it differently, so be it. Be a blessing to everyone around you!

  4. Lynn

    I totally understand what you are saying. The sins of the fathers have been passed down, though we ourselves did/do not participate. Generational curses are at play (and need to be broken off), but many people are not aware of it. Also, the strong delusion within Christendom not only won’t allow people to “see and hear” most of what you are trying to share with them on your website, they don’t get it that true believers (in the love of Yeshua) should want to go the extra mile to help Jews recover mentally from what was done to them in the name of Christianity and come to understand what is really going on, even if we did not participate. That being said, not only did the Catholic Church persecute and kill Jews and true believers, but so did the Protestants. This is one reason why I can not in good conscience belong to any of these denominations—we may well be participating in ignorance just by being associated with denominations that have skeletons in their closets. The so-called early church fathers were in fact anti-Semitic, and that has been passed on in obvious and subtle ways all along. Not until I began to really study church history and what the Bible actually teaches compared to what the religious institution within Christendom erroneously teaches do I understand. (I had a two Jewish doctors some twenty years ago and I felt the need to explain that not all of Christendom is of God and that I wanted them to know that they (RCC and others) are/were not following the Bible, etc. so I totally understand where you are coming from.)

    Some will never understand any of this, they suffer from the strong delusion.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. MaryM

    Please all of you, I have just myself learnt the hidden truth of what Judaism really teaches. I also thought it is just the same as Christianity, only without Messiah, still incomplete but worshipping the true God, but it is not at all. Please, please be a diligent Berean and search out the truth about what Judaism really teaches. It is not what you think and that is why Yeshua (Jesus) was killed- because he knew what they were really doing. I know you mean well by this article but what you say is all wrong and an extremely dangerous idea to spread. This unification with our Jewish brothers is part of the whole delusion plan of unifying all under one religion. Remember that Satan deceives coming looking as light and it always LOOKS GOOD and noble. Stop shaming believers who had no part in doing evil to our Jewish brothers I can only beg you to start looking at the truth and stop speaking things you do not understand. There is currently still access to a lot of material via internet. Please stop spreading this ill-informed teaching which will eventually – if allowed to go its course – lead to the killing of Messiah’s true followers. You are being duped.

    1. rameshdesilva Post author

      Dear MaryM,

      Please share with us what you have learnt about Judaism, so we may also know. I am not saying that Judaism or all Jews are following the right way. But they are still part of the chosen people – to whom God gave an irrevocable calling as mentioned by Paul in Rom 11. If the unification of Jew and Gentile is a delusion, Paul maybe one of the most deluded people to speak about it. Not to mention the countless number of other prophecies regarding it. I am in no way shaming anyone dear sister. I am merely pointing out to what was done in history. The people who perpotrated those acts are no longer with us… but the hurt they caused lives on. It maybe easy to tell our Jewish brethren to “get over it” and that it was not true Christians who did those acts. But isn’t this the same case made against Islam/muslims today regarding extremists and terrorists? I sincerely hope you would share with us what you believe we are still blind to, and help us correct whatever ill-informed information which is shared by us.

      Be a blessing to everyone around you!

  6. Aahron ben Yisrael

    I find this article patronising in the extreme and still with antisemitic assumptions and undertones of conversion to Christianity ‘if only we were one people’. There are many reasons why Jews do not convert, but principally the fact that Jesus was not the Moshiach (Messiah).
    Like many Christians, Jews believe that actions speak better than words (or apologies). since Christianity created antisemitism, which has become so prevalent throughout all societies, then it should be Christianity’s responsibility to undo that damage. This will not be as simple as an apology, it will take you decades if not several generations to achieve. If you start this process and are sincere in your endeavours, you will find that many Jews will help you.
    And remember, we Jews believe that there are many paths to Heaven and many paths to G_d, you don’t have to be a Jew to get there – it’s one of the reasons why we don’t proselytise.

    1. rameshdesilva Post author

      Dear Aahron,

      This article is not written to be patronising in the slightest. There were some Jews who believed in Yeshua as Moshiach in the 1st Century. It is a fact that all of His Disciples and believers after them were all Jews till about 50AD. Yeshua never started a new religion, which became the narrative by 300AD. There are many Jews who are discovering that the Gospels are very much Jewish. There are no Gentiles involved till much later. What this article tries to explain is that Gentiles have severed the connection they had to the chosen people of God and have in return made it impossible for them to discover their own Messiah.

      Be a blessing to everyone around you!

  7. aa

    I am a Jew. I find your apology quite touching. Although I have no ability to forgive you on behalf of my ancestors, I still find it comforting that there are people who renounce anti-Semitism and try to live in peace. Thank you.

  8. PurposefulPoet

    In full agreement, Amen! This is perhaps my favorite article I’ve read so far. God has implemented in me a deep love for the Jewish people this past year I never had before. May more of my brothers/sisters come to know Messiah Yeshua.

  9. Djinn dybuk

    What does the Talmud speak of Jesus? Only that he is blasphemous, burning in feces and semen in hell. Jesus is a cursed name in talmud. Talmud is ultimate authority, not Torah. Nowhere in Bible does God say jews are chosen people. This article was written by a rabbi, or from ignorance.

    1. RameshDeSilva Post author

      Dear Djinn,
      Do not confuse man made religion (Talmud) with the Torah. Some may consider the Talmud the highest authority, but God’s Word is the final arbiter of all things. The “Jews” of which Jesus, the Apostles, Paul and the majority of the first century congregation were part of, are chosen as per Romans 11:1. Jesus who came to reconcile the “Jew” and the “Gentile” was first opposed by the Jewish majority, and sadly is now being opposed by the Christian majority at this point of time.
      Be a blessing to everyone around you


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