Why did God ask us not to wear Wool and Linen mixed clothing?

It is a fact that Mainline Christianity believes that God’s Law in some form or manner has been done away with. A common example brought forth to showcase the “archaic nature” and “absurdity” (as some would say) of the Law, is the statute of “Wool & Linen”. Why exactly did God ask His people not to where Wool & Linen mixed clothing? Let’s look at the verses in concern.

Lev 19:19  Ye shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woollen(Shah-at-nez) come upon thee.

Deu 22:11  Thou shalt not wear a garment of divers sorts(Shah-at-nez), as of woollen and linen together.

The Statute explained
It is important to note that the statute is not about mixing any type of thread. Rather, it is mixing of Wool & Linen(Shah-at-nez) specifically. The statute does not extend to other types of thread – hence silk, polyester, rayon, etc do not apply. Also, there is no prohibition against wearing one type of garment over another type of garment, even if they were Wool & Linen. The prohibition was to not weave wool and linen together into one garment for wearing.

stacks-of-wool-yarnPhysical or Spiritual?
Some receive this statute as one which has Spiritual significance, not to be confused with a physical requirement. While it is very likely that these Words from God have a spiritual significance, the call to do a physical act is undeniable. Reason being, that it is one of a long list of “you shall not’s”. In Lev 19:19 God reiterates “You shall keep” (Shema) My statutes. But why?

First of all, I believe it is not for us to question God, why He gave certain statutes for us to follow. We must follow Him without question, as He is our Creator & He knows what is best for us all.

But since we are curious souls who want to find meaning in things we do not understand, I will share with you what could be possible reasons for such a statute.

Physical Significance
1. Pagan Priests were known to have worn a certain type of garment made of vegetable(flax/linen) and animal(sheep/wool) materials. This could have been the main reason for this prohibition. As Maimonides, a prominent Jewish philosopher and Scholar wrote in “Moreh iii, 37” –  “the heathen priests adorned themselves with garments containing vegetable and animal materials, while they held in their hand a seal of mineral. This you will find written in their books”
2. From a hygienic point of view, Wool and Linen have opposing characteristics. Wool has an absorbing and shrinking nature, and retains Heat while linen is resistant, non-shrinkable and is a good conductor of Heat. Woolen clothes are naturally worn to keep oneself warm, while Linen is worn to keep oneself cool in warm weather. These conflicting tendencies neutralize each other and may cause disorder in connection with the outflow of perspiration from the body.

Spiritual Significance
1.Wool and Linen are products with opposing characteristics, which could represent the Law/Word of God & Law/Traditions of Men. Mixing such together could and certainly have been harmful for the Children of God.
2.Another interpretation has been that while Linen is a product of an Agriculture based Society such as Egypt, Wool is a product of a pastoral economy. Egypt seen as Sin, which the Children of Israel were fleeing from were not to mix again with the same sin they were redeemed from.\

God has asked us to not wear clothing made of Wool & Linen mixed together. While there is no restriction against other materials or threads being mixed, or even for wool and linen clothes to be worn together, we must do our level best to keep an attentive eye on what we wear – so that we do not wear wool-linen mixed clothing according to God’s Word. Whatever the cause for the statute would be, God gave this command for a reason. It is not upto us to question Him. Even though some would make this statute an instance for ridicule, or an occasion to call His Law absurd or archaic, we must explain His word in love and stand away from pointless arguments. May He help us all to open the eyes of those who are around us.


17 thoughts on “Why did God ask us not to wear Wool and Linen mixed clothing?

  1. Mary Fagan

    FYI – typo notice in title: WEAR not where.

    Thanks for the article.

    On Thursday, September 15, 2016, Bible things in Bible ways wrote:

    > rameshdesilva posted: “It is a fact that Mainline Christianity believes > that God’s Law in some form or manner has been done away with. A common > example brought forth to showcase the “archaic nature” and “absurdity” (as > some would say) of the Law, is the statute of “Wool & L” >

      1. Lois Itodo

        So Can I wear wool materials, or Silk, are these fabrics abominable to God,
        I would also love an article on the foods we eat.

      2. RameshDeSilva Post author





  2. Terry Buddrow

    I did not know that about pagan priests & their garments. That is something I can add to my list of knowledge. Just as the boiling of the kid in its mother’s milk was a pagan practice & God warned them not to do that. I guess if God did not and the children of Israel saw the pagans doing it and God did not tell them they couldn’t then they would start doing it in their practice of worship with him. God was always warning his children about taking on and practicing the heathen worship practices around them. To me God hates mixture especially us mixing pagan worship practices into our worship of him. Since we know God hates spiritual mixture, it is a warning to stay away from the great whore that sits on many waters and not drink from her cup of abominations of Revelation 17.

  3. Derek Robert

    The other point to remember is that these two materials shrink at different rates. So if they are mixed in the one fabric, it will become a puckered or wrinkled mess the first time it is washed. As always, Adonai Yehovah is again blessing us with his commands

  4. Cie

    Sometimes I think we overcomplicate things when looking at scripture. Our God is such a wise God, indeed. His instructions are very practical to daily life. Perhaps this has no spiritual significance whatsoever, as a simple trip to the laundry room might reveal.

    If you are the person doing the laundry in your household, you will readily understand that a garment woven of wool and linen can never be washed. The tags in our clothes usually say “separate” whites from colors, or in this case wool from linen. Why? Because wool is something you have to wash in COLD water, lest is shrinks. And linen should be washed in HOT water to get it clean and white.

    Maybe we should try reading scripture without the theological lenses, and see the practical side of God’s instruction. After all, it takes good management to lead 3 million people through the desert for 40 years and maintain sanitary conditions for health and survival. The Bible is a code book on occupational health and safety and it is good to follow it’s instructions.

  5. Diane Ebbers

    Very interesting and good! Just one spelling correction. God asked us not to wear (not where). Sorry I’m a spelling stinker.

  6. Vicki Blackketter

    I just learned recently that it may well have to do with “hybrid” seed and animals, and “clothing”. Hybrids today are GMO foods (plant and animal!) that have lost God-given nutrition. Some countries are doing crazy hybrid of animals and humans! (i.e.cows that give human milk!) – see CRISPR-Cas9 genetic experiments. Were the “Nephilim” (Hebrew for our KJV “giants”) hybrids?


  7. Bitsena

    I just have a question about this verse. I just came from another blog and that one says it’s because the mixed fabric is only reserved for Priests just like a cop uniform is for a cop only. I just wanted to know more about this verse.
    Thank you!

    1. rameshdesilva Post author

      Dear Brother / Sister,
      That is also another facet which is quite valid. As Wool and Linen shows direct opposites and God asks us to not mix these just as with seed which can even Stand for God’s Word, there is both a physical aspect and a spiritual aspect to this command. The physical aspect could also include the “priests uniform”. The priest, like a cop knows the difference between right and wrong as that is a main part of his title. They are the ones who were there to teach the difference between holy and profane. Clean and unclean. See Ezek 22:26. And this maybe a reason only they had wool and linen mixed in their clothing.
      Be a blessing to everyone around you

  8. Thomas Howard

    Amazing, though “Egypt seen as Sin, which the Children of Israel were fleeing from were not to mix again with the same sin they were redeemed from.” There is also true difference’s in characteristics of these two types, animal verses plant. One warms, the other cools. Basically he shows truth of our physical realm to reveal truth of the spiritual! Thanks, great word!


  9. Cynthia

    This is EXACTLY what I felt He gave this prohibition for, our health! Same for calling what we CAN eat clean and what we can’t eat unclean. Hashem always knows best!

  10. vixsniper

    A Scientist who specialises in frequency in fabrics. Did you know wearing anything under our own frequency 63-68hz causes disease within the body? Poly and Nylon & anything over is beneficial Cotton 100hz. Wool and Linen are known as super fabrics with a frequency of 5000hz.
    But when worn and or woven together they cancel each other out. One polarity rotates clockwise while the other anticlockwise. 🤔


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