2019 Calendar with Biblical Appointed Feast Days, New Moons and Torah Portions – Download

The final product should look like this image when placed on the wall

The final product should look like this image when placed on the wall

For the past few years, as I learned about God’s Feast Days/ Appointed Times, it has always been a struggle to keep track of His Holy Days. As the world works on the Gregorian Calendar it is impractical to discard it altogether. But on the other hand, keeping track of God’s Calendar timings is important to me now, more than ever. With all the technology in the world, keeping it noted down in your phone or computer becomes the norm – although there’s nothing like a printed version you can stick on a wall or fridge. After looking around for quite some time, I decided on creating such a calendar myself this year, so that whoever needs it, is able to simply download and print it out; or keep it in their computer for reference. Download for free using link given below. Click the image for an enlarged preview.

Now I will be the first to admit that the highlighted days are only approximations, and can change drastically depending on the New Moon Sightings and the Aviv Search. I am well aware that there are differing opinions on how the Biblical Calendar is interpreted – and this is meant to be a helpful guide and something that brings us together rather than cause division. I hope that it will also be helpful to all of you with your Sabbath studies as well.

♦ 12 Month Gregorian Calendar
♦ Calendar Week with Sabbath as 7th day
♦ Weekly Torah Portions with reading of Prophets and Gospels
♦ New Moon Days/Months marked (maybe off by 1 day – please correct if so)
♦ Passover*
♦ Week of Unleavened Bread*
♦ Firstfruits*
♦ Pentecost with 50 day count*
♦ Trumpets*
♦ Atonement*
♦ Week of Tabernacles with 8th Day*
♦ Special/High Sabbaths
♦ Condensed studies on the Biblical Calendar and other topics
Please note that Purim, Chanukkah and other traditional holy days are not marked
* These could be off by a day or a whole month according to moon sightings and the aviv search



Right-Click and Download to Computer

♦ Simply download and print it on your home printer or at a 3rd party vendor such as Snapfish, Kodak Gallery, Walgreen, Walmart, Target, CVS, etc.
♦ Calendar is designed to be printed on a single A3 white paper.
♦ Cut in the middle dotted line
♦ Paste Right hand piece below the Left hand piece
♦ Secure using Glue or tape to wall
♦ Let me know if you need any further help

Be a blessing to everyone around you, this coming year!


5 thoughts on “2019 Calendar with Biblical Appointed Feast Days, New Moons and Torah Portions – Download

  1. Joshua

    I have been trying to check barley in Israel and have not seen anything. Your download has Passover in march. Is it in March or April?

  2. Joshua

    I have also seen some saying it was the new moon on the 8th and others on the 9th. What made you go with the 9th?

    1. rameshdesilva Post author

      Dear Joshua,
      I believe the Moon would have been able to be sighted on the 8th eve as it had 4% illumination versus 1% the day before. As a rule, what I have read is that you need at least 2% illumination for the moon to be visible to the naked eye. This is the reason I have picked 9th as the 1st day of the Month.
      Be a blessing to everyone around you!


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