A biblically accurate graphical timeline of Christ’s Death, Burial & Resurrection

As millions of Christians get ready to commemorate Christ’s death and resurrection, some are still unclear on the details of what exactly transpired almost 2000 years ago. Yes, He died and rose from the dead – but what prophetic signs were fulfilled? Are those signs important? Does a Friday death make sense? All of these questions are simply answered by going through the four Gospel narratives. Click on the timeline below, and see whether it makes sense in bringing a bit more clarity to the death, burial & resurrection of our Messiah.


14 thoughts on “A biblically accurate graphical timeline of Christ’s Death, Burial & Resurrection

  1. Paula

    Thank you! This is sooo very helpful and very clear. There was something about the “Easter” story that just felt like something was missing. Growing up, the Passover was a considered a day similar to the Day of Atoinment… a holy day that only hugh priests were allowed to participate in. Recently, things are just starting make lots of sense… we’re Cherokee and there have been so many parallels. The older generation has passed away without revealing much of our history.

  2. Gezza

    Good initial explanation of the timeline. However, I would point out that as the Messiah was in the grave before the end of the day, with sufficient time for those burying him to get home, then he must have rissen just before the end of the 7th Day Sabbath on your calendar – not on the day of Firstfruits. There was another function that he fulfilled on the day of Firstfruits.

    Although the women bought spices to properly embalm the Messiah later, they were not aware that Nicodemus arrived with the spices after the women had left the place where Yoseph of Aramathea had taken the Messiah’s body.

    Please buy ‘The Chronological Gospels’ ISBN 13:978-0-9895281 not because once again someone has ‘worked out everything’ but because this time it is linked to NASA for solar evidence for the timing of this Passover and also the ‘Star’ that signalled the birth of the Messiah. It also explains that the bogus Roman ‘census’ for which there is no substantial evidence in historical records was in fact the registration for support of Caesar Augustus to be named ‘Divine Emperor’.

    All this and much, much more satisfies every time marker in the scriptures!!!

    1. rameshdesilva Post author

      Thank You Gezza,
      I have heard of the Chronological Gospels by Mr.Rood. Will look into it. My understanding is that Yeshua was placed in the tomb as Sabbath was starting, which means He would have risen as the 7th day Sabbath was ending and the Day of Firstfruits was starting… signalling that He is the Firstfruits of the dead.

      May you be a blessing to everyone around you!

      1. Gezza

        Hello Rameshdesilva,

        Firstly, Revelation 1:5 refers to the Messiah as ‘the firstborn from the dead’ (NIV) or ‘first begotten of the dead’ (KJV). Interestingly, in Exodus 4:22-23 ‘YHWH/God/Adonai’ told Moses that ‘Israel was his firstborn son’.

        When the Messiah rose from the grave he was now the High Priest in the Order of Melkizedek and the duty of the High Priest that day was to bring a wave offering before God at the alter, which would now be the one in Heaven. Before the destruction of the Temple, the harvest of the Firstfruits (which had been pre-bound) was done in the failing light after sunset at the end of the weekly Sabbath during the Feast of Unleavened Bead. This is when the saints in the graves arose in the sight of the thousands who were participating in the actual physical harvest. The Barley was then parched, ground, and baked during the night to prepare it for the Firstfruits offering in the morning. Historically, the High Priest would be in seclusion in the Temple Mount until after the Firstfruits were presented. Similarly, Messiah allowed no one to touch him until after the Firstfruits of the saints were presented before the throne in Heaven by him personally as the eternal High Priest. (Credit to Michael Rood for much of this paragraph).

        So rather than “signalling that He is the Firstfruits of the dead”, he was the eternal High Priest presenting the Firstfruits of the saints.

        Mr Rood’s book is expensive to buy in the UK because of the shipping cost but I have given away my first copy and bought a second. It takes a while to become familiar with how it is presented but if I was ever only allowed one book this would be it. After 18 months, I can not find fault (except for a couple of typos).

        Blessings abd Peace,

      2. rameshdesilva Post author

        Dear Gezza,
        I do not claim to know everything about the subject. Neither do I argue against the fact that He ascended as the High Priest in the Heavenly Tabernacle. But I still believe that He Himself was the Firstfruits from the dead. If you take the Harvest as a type of the people who receive eternal life, it is fitting that the Firstfruits of that Harvest be the first person to enter eternal life. I believe Paul’s symbolism in 1Cor 15:20,23 is in line with my understanding in this sense. There were multiple prophecies and types fulfilled through Messiah for sure.

        May you be a blessing to everyone around you!

      3. Gezza

        Dear Rameshdesilva,

        Thanks for the 1 Cor 15:20,23 reference. As Paul and John are referring to the same event it is interesting they use different titles. I see some homework coming on!

        Anyway, back to the start, it is good these days to find clear ways to express the obvious illogical points about the church’s position. So well done on that. I look forward to more people receiving revelation from the Holy Spirit in the near future.

        By the way, with the Internet being World Wide it is interesting to know approx where people are. I am about 35 miles West of London in England, are you able to indicate your approximate location is?

        I don’t expect you to post these communications anyway.

        Blessings and Peace be with you and yours,

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